Normal day memories

T is a big fan of Taj Mahal and yesterday I couldn’t get this song out of my head. Big fan. I love how songs, scents, clothes can bring back strong reminders of just about anything. Last week I bought Herbal Essences shampoo because let’s be honest my $25/bottle Aveda shampoo was hardly justifiable on my youth group director income, plus I am far from being a hair model. Anyways, the minute I opened the bottle and smelled its contents I could picture myself in Swig Hall as a college freshman at Santa Clara University. I remember we had this theory that the smell was so wonderful it masked the smell of cigarette smoke. ha! Another scent that reminds me of college is Eternity perfume because my roommate wore it all of the time.

So this song by Taj Mahal tends to bring up memories of driving around with T either running errands or heading somewhere for dinner…nothing crazy special or memorable, just comfort and contentment I guess. Don’t know how or why this song got stuck in my head, but it seemed appropriate on another manic Monday: dog tired after work, dreading making dinner because of course it was this complicated lasagna thing that I had promised to make two weeks ago, AND T had a miserable day at work. What better way to leave the funk behind than to focus on the days that are not necessarily super blissful, but just normal. It seems like everywhere you turn there are articles or reports on “how to be happier” or some iteration of that sentiment. However, coming from a person who has had some not so happy days in the recent months, trying to work on being happy was just weird pressure. As if not being happy was another goal to work towards. I decided that I would start with loving the normal days instead. The routine stuff. Herbal Essences shampoo was normal for college. Taj Mahal signifies normal, as well as fires during cold winter nights, running in the morning to get ready for my 5K, and terrible reruns of Gold Rush on Friday nights.



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