Being still

I have started this new routine in the a.m. that involves meditation. Yup I said it. Meditation. Rhymes with medication but totally different concepts. 🙂  It goes like this: wake up, put on work out gear and hit the pavement for 30 minutes of either walking or running or a combo depending on how I feel that day. Then I come back, stretch, shower, and after T leaves I pull out the blanket and a huge floor pillow into our living room. I set the timer for 13 minutes-3 minutes for “adjustments” and 10 minutes for the actual sitting still part. And I breathe. That’s it. In and out from my belly for 10 minutes. Some people might not appreciate the effort it takes to sit still, but coming from someone who is still learning about her own energy and emotions,  it’s amazing how many thoughts can race through your mind in 10 minutes! But it’s been two weeks since I started this new routine and I can say that I can tell the difference—it doesn’t take quite as long for me to get quiet, and I actually kind of enjoy it. I hope to do this at night as well before I go to bed because the outcome is the same: calmer, focused, and present. This morning I was running around with my hair on fire thinking about all of the “things” in my life that needed to be addressed: packing for a weekend getaway, making phone calls at work, prepping for another meeting, and what about changing the sheets before we leave so when we get back the room will be nice…. holy crap. That’s a lot to manage in the first few hours of being awake. So after I showered, I assumed the meditation position in my living room and let it all flow out. I think I might have even shed a  tear of frustration, and afterwards I said a prayer to thank God for that quiet moment. My next goal: sit for 15 minutes. Yowsa.